Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Helen Roadtrip

Friday, after meeting up with Keri and Natalie in Atlanta, we headed off on a little road trip to Helen, Ga to celebrate our good friend Rachel's wedding. We stayed in a cute little cabin called Lorelei Pines with 4 of our other life long friends from Troy.
Once we arrived we immediately got dressed and headed to the Helendorf Hotel in Helen for a "meet and greet" hosted by the groom's parents.
We got to meet Brian's family, enjoy some horderves, and have lots of laughs over a game of Nertz. Needless to say I will probably never be invited to another game of Nertz, definately never got the hang of that one. Here are some pictures from the Meet and Greet:

(Aly and me. Poor Aly got stuck as my partner during Nertz. Sorry :))

All of Rachel's friends at the Meet and Greet: Aly,Natalie,Keri,Rachel,me,Ashley.

Later on in the night, we recieved phone calls from Lauren and Morgan on their way from Tennessee stating that they were lost and at one point ended up all the way in North Carolina due to road closings. Since their GPS couldn't reroute the guys and Leah pulled out a handy map and tried desperately to get them back on track and into Georgia.

Here we all are getting ready to cheer on the two crazy girls after their LONG drive and welcome them to Helen once they finally arrived around 11:30!

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