Sunday, April 18, 2010

Casino Night

Saturday night I was invited by Morgan and Lauren to Casino Night, a fundraiser for their Troy Alumni Chapter. It was so fun to hang out with girls, dress up, and learn how to play some new games. We spent the majority of the night learning how to play blackjack, as all of us were clueless. The picture below is of us girls and Marcus, our blackjack dealer. He was so fun and had a lot of patience with us.

At the end of the night, Morgan won/cheated with the help of Phillip's tickets and recieved a whole bunch of Troy football prizes.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 3 Thursdays: Favorite Restaurants

Don't think these will be at all surprising to anybody who knows me in the slightest.

3)Mike and Eds BBQ: One of the few things I miss about Tuscaloosa. Oh how I miss my outings to Mike and Eds with the one and only Robert Harris and Bethie.

2) Surprise, Surprise...Chilis is not my number 1! I am pretty sure my picture is on display as customer of the decade at the restaurant in Tuscaloosa. I absolutely am in love with their chips and salsa (bottomless, might I add). Good thing now a days I am a good hour away from the nearest Chilis.

1) Monarca's (sorry no picture available)
Monarca's is the one place I have to visit each and every time I go home. I have lots and lots of memories here as it is the typical place for all of my old high school friends to gather and enjoy just talking and laughing over good times. Although Morgan and Lacey won't agree, I love their food and haven't found another Mexican restaurant that can compare.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 3 Thursday: Biggest Fears

3)Having Blood Drawn:

I know, weird, right? I am pretty good at handling the sight of blood (goodness knows I see enough of that at work every day) and even getting a shot or finger prick but the idea of getting blood drawn is horrific to me. I have had it done a few times out of necessity and I cried like a baby. I pray I stay healthy so I don't have to face this fear anymore anytime soon.


This has been a HUGE fear of mine since I was very little. I don't know if its the loud noise or the horror stories on the news of fireworks gone bad but something a long time ago scarred me for life. I can remember sitting on my bed with a pillow over my head praying the city fireworks display would hurry up and end so I could breathe. Although, he won't admit it, I believe my daddy has the same fear, maybe its inherited. Thankfully, with each 4th of July and New Year's that go by, I am slowly becoming more and more able to enjoy fireworks....from a good distance.

1) Public Speaking:

I realize that most of the population of this country has a fear of public speaking but I believe mine goes beyond the norm. Goodness knows I can talk all day with friends and in small groups but you put me in front of a crowd and I am pretty sure I would rather have surgery.
In college I changed classes and even picked my major based on the amount of public speaking involved. Lets not even talk about how I managed to get through public speaking class.