Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 3 Thursdays: Favorite Restaurants

Don't think these will be at all surprising to anybody who knows me in the slightest.

3)Mike and Eds BBQ: One of the few things I miss about Tuscaloosa. Oh how I miss my outings to Mike and Eds with the one and only Robert Harris and Bethie.

2) Surprise, Surprise...Chilis is not my number 1! I am pretty sure my picture is on display as customer of the decade at the restaurant in Tuscaloosa. I absolutely am in love with their chips and salsa (bottomless, might I add). Good thing now a days I am a good hour away from the nearest Chilis.

1) Monarca's (sorry no picture available)
Monarca's is the one place I have to visit each and every time I go home. I have lots and lots of memories here as it is the typical place for all of my old high school friends to gather and enjoy just talking and laughing over good times. Although Morgan and Lacey won't agree, I love their food and haven't found another Mexican restaurant that can compare.

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  1. I can't believe Monarcas beat out Chilis!!! :)