Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 3 Thursday: Biggest Fears

3)Having Blood Drawn:

I know, weird, right? I am pretty good at handling the sight of blood (goodness knows I see enough of that at work every day) and even getting a shot or finger prick but the idea of getting blood drawn is horrific to me. I have had it done a few times out of necessity and I cried like a baby. I pray I stay healthy so I don't have to face this fear anymore anytime soon.


This has been a HUGE fear of mine since I was very little. I don't know if its the loud noise or the horror stories on the news of fireworks gone bad but something a long time ago scarred me for life. I can remember sitting on my bed with a pillow over my head praying the city fireworks display would hurry up and end so I could breathe. Although, he won't admit it, I believe my daddy has the same fear, maybe its inherited. Thankfully, with each 4th of July and New Year's that go by, I am slowly becoming more and more able to enjoy fireworks....from a good distance.

1) Public Speaking:

I realize that most of the population of this country has a fear of public speaking but I believe mine goes beyond the norm. Goodness knows I can talk all day with friends and in small groups but you put me in front of a crowd and I am pretty sure I would rather have surgery.
In college I changed classes and even picked my major based on the amount of public speaking involved. Lets not even talk about how I managed to get through public speaking class.

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  1. hahaha I DID NOT KNOW you had a fear of fireworks!! I've been friends with you my whole life and never knew that!! Crazy!! :)